My favorite slow cooker recipes posted for your enjoyment!


Who needs the expensive coffee shop PSL - when you can make an entire cauldron of it at home! Perfect for entertaining in the fall or winter!


Crocktober 10-26

6 cups whole milk - moo

6 cups of strongly brewed coffee - muddy almost

1/2 cup pumpkin puree - also my rap name

1/4 cup vanilla - remember this will make you drunk

1/2 cup sugar - so sweet

2 teaspoons cinnamon - don't sneeze

3 cinnamon sticks - also my rap name

Dump the milk and coffee into yer crock.

Whip together the pumpkin, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. Pour that mess into the crock as well.

Stir it all up and dunk in the cinnamon sticks.

Cover and cook on high for 2 hours.

Pour it in a fancy mug and go for a sleigh ride.