Alkaline Alarm!


I had a stressful little morning the other day when the alarm company called to inform me that one of their sensors had detected a breach at the house!  What followed was the gossip jackpot for my nosy neighbors – the police came rolling into my hood - with guns a’blazing and kicked in my front door!

It was like something out of the movies - except for when you hear what was causing the alarm, and seriously... what was up with all the flirting after the 459 was handled? (That's fancy cop talk for a burglary in progress.)

ALWAYS Check The Pockets

Hot Wax

I thought I was helping... I really did.  My wife had been swamped at work and the mundane chores around the house were starting to pile up. Being the good hubby that I am - I scooped up the kid's laundry and headed down to the basement to fire up the ol' washer and dryer.  Unfortunately, I didn't get an "atta-boy" from my wife - but instead, I received a quick lesson in how to make tie-dye clothing! Take a listen and find out how I ruined an entire load of clothes!

I'm Feeling a Little THORny.

Small thor.jpg

When you've been in a serious relationship for like a bazillion years, it's always fun to sit down with your significant other and play a little game of "who would you like to sleep with"!?

Although some puckered people might pooh-pooh this idea, Dom and Jeremy fully embrace (and I mean FULLY EMBRACE) the thought of pushing your lover to the side and running off with your celebrity crush. Meow!

I'm Cool Now

My 20-year high school reunion is quickly approaching, and my enthusiasm for this momentous occasion is mediocre at best. Back in 1998 I wasn't exactly the coolest kid in our graduating class, but now a couple decades later - former students are recruiting me for help! Take a listen as I lament about the position I'm in, and Dom gives me HELL for sitting on the fence.

Class of 98 BCHS

You Smell Rank

Jeremy's Garlic

One of the things that I love about our morning show is that we can take the most mundane of topics and somehow turn them into a conversation that is mildly entertaining.  While other shows are using their trending/celebrity segment to talk about all the BS going on in Hollywood, we would rather talk about one of the worlds greatest spices. Take a few minutes and celebrate National Garlic Day with your BOYZ IN DA MORNING! Smell ya later.