Doggie Dedication

I’d like to dedicate this month’s blog post to all the family dogs out there, with a very special shout out to my Boston Terrier, Sully. You put up with a lot from these little humans that are constantly tugging, pulling and riding you. You’ve become reluctant furry babysitters to our sons and daughters and for that we thank you!

We picked up Sully about 7 years ago as a little puppy and he quickly became the center of our universe. Perfectly pampered, he was always clean and spoiled with baskets of toys and treats. He was the perfect companion for a young couple experiencing their first taste of responsibility. The years have quickly moved on and Sully has come to know many transitions in his life – he’s been with my wife and me through dating, marriage and now two kiddos. He’s gone from being the pampered pooch that used to sleep in bed with us to, “ummm has anybody fed the dog today!?”

His long freedom-filled walks to the park have now turned into wide-eyed, slightly panicked runs around the back yard, trying to escape a 4-year-old with a squirt gun. I’ve zipped home from work to find Sully hanging out in the living room wearing a paper Burger King crown and a blanket cape, looking up at me with disgusted eyes.  I’ve seen him sitting patiently by his water bowl waiting for someone to remove multiple Hot Wheels cars from an impromptu car wash. And it’s not uncommon to find a bedroom door closed with a panting dog behind it playing “jail” with my son. Again, with those “why did you have kids” eyes looking up at me. Poor fella.

Sully has plumped up quite a bit too thanks to the trail of snacks and crumbs that always find their way to the floor. Is it normal to have a Boston that weighs 48 pounds? Although, I don’t think he minds being our second vacuum cleaner and he does a pretty darn good job on the kitchen floor.  I think he’s developed quite a fondness for Triscuits and cheddar Goldfish.

Overweight, tired and now slightly dirty, our old boy is doing such a great job with my two kids.  I couldn’t ask for a better dog.  He’s a gentle companion who has rolled with the changing landscape in kid land.

In closing, I’m going to try my best to carve out some special one-on-one time over the next month with our family’s original baby.  I hope you join me as well, especially if you have a dog that has morphed and transitioned with your lifestyle and growing family. Dogs are great companions for our kids and we need to make sure we thank them for it. Fill those toy baskets back up, rub those bellies and treat them to a doggie spa day! Man’s (and kid’s) best friend deserves it.

From Colorado Parent September 2015