Fitness Persuasion



If you ever hear me spew out that goofy line - please go full Bruce Lee and punch me directly in the throat. I won’t even be mad.

I’m not one of those people that regurgitates the same scripted cliche at the beginning of each new year. I’m also not a resolutions kinda guy either - but with all that being said - I am making some “lifestyle choices” that will affect my overall well-being in 2019.

One of my choices is to ditch my current gym membership because I’ve been going to the same joint for over 20 years. Seeing the same people and the same equipment for that long has greatly diminished my motivation to get a solid upper body workout. Not a fan of leg day. Toothpicks.

So, it’s time for a little gym shopping and luckily a fancy new facility just opened up near my house. I was super excited to start fresh, meet new people and get my fitness on. Grunt grunt - spot me.

I was in a pretty peppy mood when I went in for the consultation… peppy until I heard what they had to say about their fitness program and the personal training staff. I was fed a line (multiple times) that is guaranteed to be in their corporate training manual.

Check out the clip from the Dom and Jeremy show below. Enjoy!